Custom Socks

Comfort and Quality Delivered To Your Door



Our Process


Our designers create a free sock board and create a physical sample for your review.


After an approved design, socks arrive at your door within 25 days.


Our 100 sock minimum per style is among the lowest in the industry.


We offer free worldwide shipping.


 Our pricing is ALL-IN, delivered to your door.


From gift boxes to sock labels and bands, our packaging solutions will ensure you get what you need for your client gift. 


Past Work






Toronto Tourism-min

Toronto Tourism

RMC-St Jean-min


Raptor Mining-min

Raptor Mining

Oxford Properties-min

Oxford Properties



E-Campus Ontario-min

E-Campus Ontario

Caisses Populaire-min

Caisses Populaire


What our customers are saying . . . 

"Great companies start and end with great customer service. Sockrates not only provided a home run premium quality product, they are deeply passionate about what they do and how they do it. Huge fan of the team at Sockrates.

Kenny Silver, Director of Global Corporate Marketing


"We contacted Sockrates Socks as we were looking for fresh swag ideas for a big upcoming conference. The team at Sockrates did an excellent job of communicating with us the time lines and process involved. The custom socks were very well received at the conference and are a fan-favourite among visitors to our office. It was a pleasure working with Sockrates and we are definitely planning to work with them again in the near future."

Shir Kalmanson Marcus, Head of Global Event Marketing


Our Pricing

Our ALL-IN Pricing is Simple and Includes:

Professionally designed sock boards

Labeling on socks

Free shipping worldwide

Order Quantity Unit Price
100 $10.50
250 $9.50
375 $9.00
500 $8.50
750 $7.50
1000 $6.25
1500+ $5.75



About Us



We have a simple but direct mission; to design and produce beautiful custom socks that are the most memorable and comfortable in the market. Through out extensive research and passion, we have searched out the perfect dress sock, one that leaves a lasting impression on its wearers.

Socks have been on people’s feet for thousands of years. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, in the 8th century BC, the Ancient Greeks wore socks called "piloi", which were made from matted animal hair.

Generations later, we at Sockrates Custom socks have not forgotten our past (except for the animal hair...That’s so 8th century) and now we produce some of the most beautiful, comfortable socks that can be worn on two feet.

When we decided to launch our custom sock brand, we went through the same frustrations that marketers have been dealing for years. As the calendar creeped up on the upcoming trade show; that familiar feeling sunk in, knowing we would have to open up the promotional catalogue, letting groundhog day begin. The dusty cardboard box you are staring at right now to the left of your desk, filled with XXL T-shirts, mugs, pens, USB sticks, fidget spinners and every other item that inevitably ends up in the dustbins of swag history. We needed to change,, and we needed change fast.

Just like that - Sockrates Custom Socks was born.

Let us take you on the same journey we embarked on in our search for swag greatness. Allow us to partner with you in creating the perfect gift that is guaranteed to impress your clients, employees and your boss!


Interested in a free mock-up?

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